Industry Specializations

Our Expertise

We understand that every industry has its own unique needs. At TSG BPO, we tailor each customer support team to match your brand, culture, budget, and requirements. Our expertise allows us to deliver world-class customer care experiences across a diverse array of industries, including (but not limited to):







Glass Shopping

Retail & E-commerce

Turn lookers into shoppers, and shoppers into brand ambassadors. Our customer support experts fully immerse themselves into your brand, and truly become part of your team. We are passionate about living your brand and culture, and we do that by delivering genuine customer experiences, whether it be via phone, email, chat, or social media. We don’t just think of ourselves as support, but as true strategic partners. Whether it’s forecasting for peak seasons, revamping your knowledge base, or improving your CSAT score, our account management team will partner with you to drive your success.

Startup Development Team

Software & Technology

Providing your customer with a great product or software is simply not enough, which is why customer support has a leading role in successful high-tech, software, and SaaS companies. From start-ups to scale-ups to established tech brands, we deliver all levels of customer service and technical support, for both hardware and software products. We go beyond your average KPIs to diagnose and resolve your customers’ issues. With the right customer support team, you’ll increase customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and sales.

Social Media

The landscape of social media is rapidly changing every day. For new and fast-growing social media platforms, the number of users can quadruple in months or even weeks. It’s critical to find a partner who can help you scale rapidly and in an affordable way. At TSG BPO, we can launch a new team within a week and quickly scale up with you as you grow. We can also manage back-office tasks such as influencer management, content review, graphic design, research, and data entry.


Marketing & Advertising

Whether you’re a services firm, an ad tech company, a network of influencers, or any other business in the marketing & advertising space, one thing is certain: making your business successful requires a tremendous amount of unseen legwork. TSG BPO can handle customer support, but we can also take on large-scale back-office tasks such as content review, graphic design, data entry, and research. With our track record of delivering impactful business results, our goal is to help you “know” your customer, acquire and retain new customers, drive new customer insights, and optimize spend.

Gaming Headphones


Gamers are one of the most demanding groups of customers. They play video games around the clock and expect video game support to be available at any time. Successful gaming companies need outsourcing partners they can trust to handle sensitive issues like refunds and fraud detection. They also need partners who can scale quickly and provide exceptional customer interactions, alongside popular games. We understand your needs and will provide experienced, trusted agents who can partner with you to scale your customer support team.

Technology Class


Our clients include consulting firms, talent marketplaces, and companies that combine software with human-powered solutions. All of them have one thing in common – complex customer concerns and even higher customer expectations. Your clients expect concierge-level support and don’t want to be handed off to a bot. Our agents come to us with an average of 8 years of experience. They have the critical thinking skills and professionalism necessary to handle complex sensitive concerns.


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